Nana korobi, Ya oki nominated for 2022 Motion Award from Motionographer

Nana korobi, Ya oki , a short animated film with original music and story by Glenna Burmer, was nominated for a 2022 Motion Award in the Open Format/Short Film category. Only five films were short-listed for this category.

Motion Awards are sponsored by Motionographer, a key resource for the art, design and animation community since 2006. For the awards, organizers enlist some 200 judges from across six continents representing the best talent in design, animation and visual storytelling. Film entries are judged for craftsmanship, clarity of messaging, and originality.

View Nana korobi, Ya oki and the other four nominees in the Open Format/Short Film category for the 2022 Motion Awards.

Since its release in spring 2021, Nana korobi, Ya oki has won more than 50 awards worldwide. Some of the top honors include several prominent Pacific Northwest festivals, such as the Seattle Film Festival and the Oregon Short Film Festival.  In the last six months, the film has won awards for Best Animation at the New York Movie Awards, Spain’s CLIMAX Film Festival, and the 2022 Tokyo Sensei FilmFest.

Nana korobi, Ya oki was created by music producer and filmmaker Glenna Burmer and produced and animated by Deep Sky, led by art director Gaby Breiter. The original music featuring woodwinds and strings was composed by Glenna Burmer. Not only is it a female-led film in the areas of production, musical score and on-screen animation, it was also inspired by Burmer’s mother who was a sumi-e artist.

The film tells the inspirational story of a young girl who undergoes seven challenges to save a dear friend from the cold. The title is from a Japanese proverb that says:  “Seven times you may fall, but get up the eighth.”