A talented musician and composer

Glenna Burmer began music composition, violin, voice, drum and piano lessons as an adult, and was a student of both film composer and orchestrator Tim Huling and contemporary avante-garde composer Tom Baker. As a lyricist and songwriter, she spent two years recording original songs with Ken Fordyce at Mirror Sound Studio and produced two albums of pop music before switching to orchestral composition and concert production. Currently she creates multi-media experiences such as ballets, movies and animation that combine original music and visual story-telling

Her compositions have featured world instruments, such as Japanese koto with orchestra (“Love Song of the Japanese Cranes”), Flamenco dancers and guitarists accompanied by chamber orchestra (“Spanish Dances”) and a full original ballet bringing to life the visual richness and horror of Dante’s Inferno.

Most recently, Burmer composed a piece showcasing 13.2 billion years of the universe in less than 12 minutes (“The Big Bang”). This composition was the opening piece in the live audiovisual concert “Origins: Life and the Universe” that premiered at Seattle’s Benaroya Hall in 2015. Ten percussionists from the University of Washington percussion studio pounded the concert hall walls to produce the “Big Bang” effect. An accompanying video featured original CGI animation showing two multidimensional universes colliding.