Outstanding World-premiere performances

Burmer Music premiered Symphonic Stories in 2012 to benefit the Sendai Philharmonic
Orchestra after the 2011 Japanese earthquake and tsunami. Celebrate World Music! premiered
in 2013, winning the IMA Vox Populi award for both best contemporary classical album and best

In 2014, three original ballets were created based on classical themes, and in 2015, Origins: Life
and the Universe
presented the works of eight composers that combined live music with original
movies about astrobiology and astronomy. Celebrate Jazz!, a private concert staged in an intimate
jazz club setting, was followed by the release of a new CD called Celebrate Dance!, that features original Afro-Cubano-Latino music.

Recent Concerts

Symphonic Stories poster
Telling personal, compelling and imaginative stories through music.
Celebrate World Music! poster
Winner of two IMA Vox Populi Awards for best contemporary classical album and best instrumental.
Origins: Life and the Universe poster
Rich melodic compositions showcasing the intersection of music, science and art.
Celebrate Jazz! Poster
A night of irresistible jazz, snappy dancing and a few surprises
Dante's Inferno. The Ballet.
A full original ballet that combines evocative music and dazzling choreography.
Celebrate Dance Poster
Bounce to beats of Afro-Cubano-Latino music and dance