Celebrate Jazz! concert only one month away

On a cool spring evening, away from the roar of the I-5 overpass and Eastlake Avenue, more than a dozen talented musicians, five amazing composers and one spirited jazz singer transformed the Lake Union Café into a stylish 1920s jazz club.

Under three 10-foot-tall Art Deco-style chandeliers, surrounded by crisp white tablecloths and black leather banquettes, shiny copper ceiling tiles and warm wood floors, the space offered just the right combination of chic, glitter and sophistication.

This was the scene at the first full rehearsal of Celebrate Jazz!, the latest production from Burmer Music. The concert will be held Saturday, April 28 at 7 p.m. and will include a selection of traditional jazz along with new work composed just for this event.

Virtuoso jazz vocalist Nancy Erickson, one of the most talented local singers working in jazz today, will be solo guest artist. The Los Angeles Jazz Scene called Erickson “a skilled singer who is also an excellent songwriter, Ms Erickson has an appealing tone and does justice to lyrics and swings.” Jazz Lives cites her “wit, affection, reverence for tradition and a thoroughly winning originality.”

Also performing will be Naémi-Eve Pomarede, a young piano superstar flying in from Paris to perform. Still a teenager, Pomarede’s amazing musicality belies her years.

Billed as a night of magic and whimsy, concert-goers are asked to come dressed in their favorite Art Deco or Roaring 20’s-style costumes. A few special guests will circulate among the crowd, adding mystery—and a dose of fun— to the evening. More details to be announced soon.

Five composers from both coasts have written new jazz compositions for Celebrate Jazz! They are Nan Avant, Barry Dowsett, Eric Goetz, Tim Huling and Glenna Burmer. Huling will also conduct an orchestra of musicians from the Seattle area.

Concert tickets were swept up within the first week of advertising, but recordings will be available in May. If you are interested in future Burmer Music events, email us and get on the fan list.

(Photos by Derek Fordyce)