Award winner at LA Independent Women Film Awards

Glenna Burmer’s Nana korobi, Ya oki, was recently honored for Best Animation by the LA Independent Women Film Awards. This charming story about a young girl in Hokkaido who overcomes seven trials to save an orphan during a snowstorm was created and produced by Glenna Burmer with assistance from artistic director Gaby Breiter of Deep Sky Studios in Portland, Oregon. The original music featuring woodwinds and strings was composed by Glenna Burmer and recorded by Dynamedion in Germany.

The LA festival was created to recognize international and U.S. female filmmakers, screenwriters, actresses and artists working in film. The festival focuses on art house cinema and premiers films in L.A. for its annual event in October. Selections are made by a jury of award-winning artists working in film from around the world.

“It is truly an honor to be awarded for my animated short Nana korobi at this great festival,” Burmer said. “It is wonderful to be represented alongside such talented filmmakers.”

This spring, Burmer’s film has been recognized at multiple film festivals in the U.S. and Canada, receiving awards for best animation, best female composer and outstanding achievement. The film was also selected to be screened internationally at the London International Short Film Festival for 10 days, beginning May 6.

Nana korobi, Ya oki uses a dreamy animation style that reflects sumi-e art, a Japanese artistic style which employs black ink and distinctive brush strokes. The style was chosen as a tribute to Burmer’s mother, who was a sumi-e artist.