Animated Short Films

Storytelling and music are key components of Burmer animated films. 

Nana korobi, Ya oki, to be released in fall 2021, tells the story of a young girl in Hokkaido who overcomes seven trials to save an orphan during a snowstorm. The film has garnered attention from U.S. and international film festivals, winning awards for music and animation.

The film’s title illustrates a well-known Japanese proverb that says:  “Seven times you may fall, but get up the eighth.” The film was produced by Glenna Burmer with assistance from artistic director Gaby Breiter of Deep Sky Studios in Portland, Oregon. Original music featuring woodwinds and strings was composed by Burmer and recorded by Dynamedion in Germany.

Using a soft palette and distinctive brush strokes that reflect traditional sumi-e art, Nana korobi, Ya oki  is a tribute to Burmer’s mother, who was a sumi-e artist.