Reviews & Awards

Acclaimed by audiences and critics alike, Burmer productions have won top industry awards for both music and animation. In 2021, Burmer and the film’s artistic director Gaby Breiter of Deep Sky Studios in Portland, Ore., won the Seattle Filmmaker Award from the Seattle Film Festival, along with 50 other festival awards nationally and internationally.

AWARDS: animated films

Nana korobi, Ya oki (2021-2023)

Best Animation Award

  • Santa Monica Short Film Festival
  • Seattle Film Festival
  • New York Neorealism FiIm Awards
  • Oregon Short Film Winner
  • Short Circuit Pacific Rim Film Festival, Victoria, B.C., Canada
  • Venice Fullshot Film Festival
  • Tokyo Film Awards (Bronze Award)
  • New York Movie Awards
  • Tokyo Sensei Filmfest
  • Vegas Movie Awards (Award of Excellence)
  • Vegas Movie Awards (Best Visual Effects, Award of Merit)
  • Malta Independent Film Award
  • Hollywood Gold Awards
  • International Cosmopolitan Film Festival of Tokyo
  • Boston Independent Film Awards
  • CLIMAX Film Festival, Spain (Best New Animation Style)
  • Golden Wheat Awards, Istanbul
  • Your Way International FIlms, Malta
  • Newfort International Film Festival, India
  • Sentinal International Film Awards, India
  • Toronto International Women Film Festival
  • Roma Short Film Festival
  • Berlin International Art Film Festival
  • Independent Shorts Awards, Los Angeles
  • Venice Shorts Film Festival
  • Golden Short Festival, Italy
  • Florence Film Awards, Italy (Silver Award: Animation)
  • Hamburg Film Awards (Germany)
  • Tokyo International Monthly Film Festival
  • LA Independent Women Film Awards
  • Aranmanai International Film Festival, India (Special Jury Award)
  • Chaplin Independent Film Festival, India
  • Bhutan International Short Film Festival
  • World Film Carnival, Singapore
  • Dubai Independent Film Festival
  • Royal Society of Television & Motion Pictures, India
  • Women Over 50 Film Festival, UK
  • Women Over 50 Film Festival Audience Choice Award, UK
  • Cinesis Independent Film Fest

Best Original Score

  • Independent Shorts Awards, Los Angeles
  • IndieX, Los Angeles
  • International Cosmopolitan Film Festival of Tokyo
  • Bhutan International Short Film Festival
  • Chaplin Independent Film Festival, India

 Best Composer

  • Toronto International Women Film Festival
  • Tokyo Film Awards
  • Berlin International Art Film Festival
  • Dubai Independent Film Festival
  • Boston Independent Film Awards

Best Women Directors

  • First Women Film Festival, Iran

Outstanding Achievement Award

  • IndieX, Los Angeles
  • Black Swan International Film Festival, India
  • Tagore International Film Festival, India
  • Cult Critic Movie Awards, India

Award of Excellence

  • One-Reeler Short Film Competition, Los Angeles

Best Experimental Film, Award of Merit

  • Vegas Movie Awards

Best Inspirational Film

  • Stardust Films and Screenplays Festival, New York

AWARDS: music

Celebrate World Music! (2014)

2014 Independent Music Vox Populi Award

  • Best Contemporary Classical Album
  • Best Instrumental (“Tributum for Celtic Bagpipes and Orchestra” by Nan Avant)

2022 Global Music Award

  • Silver Medal for “Tributum for Celtic Bagpipes and Orchestra” by Nan Avant


A novel event of varied exotica created by an unexpected new presence in Seattle culture….Her aim is to bring Northwest artists of all kinds into fresh collaborations.”

Tom Keogh, The Seattle Times

“Origins,” a world-premiere audio­visual spectacle at Benaroya Hall, has set its sights big — cosmically big. Using magnificent images from NASA and the Hubble Space Telescope, new symphonic music, computer simulations and the latest in scientific research and theory, “Origins: Life and the Universe” promises to be an entertaining and awe-inspiring exploration of the cosmos.

The Seattle Times

 “Dante’s Inferno sets classical ballet on fire.”

Seattle Dances

“Dr. Burmer turned her first-hand experience with Japan’s earthquake devastation into a musical experience. Seven local composers are given a chance to create and perform their own symphonic stories.”

Art Zone with Nancy Guppy

“Celestial objects have inspired countless masterpieces, from Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night to Emily Dickinson’s poems about the moon. Now eight Northwest composers have created symphonic works that celebrate the wonders of the Universe.”

Nancy Joseph, UW Perspectives

“The event will showcase seven of the city’s most talented and emerging talents.”

Helen Kempton, The Mercury (Hobart, Australia)

Dr. Burmer is the daughter of an American father and Japanese mother. She is focused, disciplined and highly driven. That’s one side of her personality. Then there is the birdwatcher and nature lover – the Glenna who loves music, art and creativity. “

Dave Beck, KUOW Presents

“Seattle has an unusual concentration of music composers who write for the video-game and film industries, but you’ve probably never heard their names – even if you’ve heard their music…On March 18, seven local composers will be in the public spotlight and will get to hear their music performed live in a premiere of original orchestral compositions in Benaroya Hall.”

Katherine Long, The Seattle Times

“Music lovers can hear a 50-piece orchestra perform….original symphonic work at Benaroya Hall while raising money for the Sendai Philharmonic Orchestra in Japan… It will be the world premiere of all seven compositions.”

Michael Harthorne, KOMO News

 “Each composition tells a compelling story… performed by a 40-pieceorchestral ensemble made up of some of Seattle’s most talented musicians.”

Tacoma News Tribune